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a.Case /Death Review: Investigative Reports,Hospital Deaths,Negligence Suits,Autopsy Reports,Photographs,Vedios,Audio Records etc.
b. Crime Scene Examination.
c. Assisting Family members,Attorneys,Police in preparing the Case.
d. Observer - Autopsy observership during the Autopsy conducted by the State,includes Reporting.
e. Autopsy Services[after the First Autopsy]-includes Re-Examination of Body after Autopsy and Preparing the Report.
f. Production House Assistance in Constructing Crime Scene,Death simulations.
Note: 1.All consultations will be  the sole discretion of the Author and the Details of the Fee will be Fixed as per the Case Requirement.
2. If you need a Re-Exaination of the Body dont Embalm/Cremate,preserve the body in the Cold Storage.Earlier the Examination better the Results.

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