Forensic Fictions

Written by Dr. D. Rao


In one of the biggest cities of America, Two politician friends became close over a business partnership. Their friendship grew so rapidly that besides business, personal relation with their family too were drawn closer, until the greed and jealousy took over, as who was most successful. I now introduce to you Mr Yorker and Mr Sylvester as the two friends. Mr Yorker was obsessed in his views and ideas that he expected everybody to listen and follow him this applied to his friendship with Mr Sylvester this irritated Mr Sylvester, it was too long way into their friendship which had manifested into business partnership hence any break in friendship would definitely strain the business understanding which means loss of millions of dollar and at the same time exposing the Tax secrets involved in it. But the bullying attitude of Mr Yorker had already disturbed the peace of mind of Mr Sylvester and his family. He started thinking about it every minute of the day and it became an obsession on him, but the artificial smile and affection continued in his friendship with Mr. Yorker.


Mr Sylvester now concluded that he cannot continue with business of any sort until he puts an end to his mental agony. Hence he started thinking about a conspiracy to eliminate Mr Yorker and at the same time his business and social status should go unaffected. Than he came out with a plan which he debated with himself for few weeks, he planned in such a way that Mr Yorker is to be shot dead and their should be no evidence of the identity of the conspirator, the killer should get killed, an inner hidden conspiracy. Hence Mr Sylvester changed his identity by creating fake driving licence,passport,phone and bank details he even changed his appearance to photograph himself for the new Identity documents through his new identity documents he started contacting two different contractors whom he knew by his capacity as  Politician and Businessmen. One contractor was supplied with the photograph and part of money along with the address of the Victim i.e. Mr Yorker the other contractor was a Contact in Special Unit of the FBI,wherin he was given all details of the killer with a request to wait for the day of killing and the plan was to establish the second part of the conspiracy into a spontaneous official response to a crime.

With the conspiracy all set Mr Sylvester was planning to execute on a day which should coincide with a prominent business deal he and Mr Yorker supposed to pen, this was to establish the Murder as an outcome of business deal with the opposite partner and at the same time loot the black money involved (nearly 50%) in the business. Finally the proposed business deal was set between their company Syle-York & Co and Magnus & Co. , on 23rd December 2010. the post contract week was planned for holidays in Bahamas with their families for Christmas and New-Year party. The plan of Mr Sylvester was to assassinate Mr Yorker by an Unknown assailant and simultaneously eliminate the Killer through Government agencies so as to appear the Murder a spontaneous reaction to violent crime by the state. The timing of the business deal  is to assassinate the reputation of Magnus & Co in public for sometimes as to weaken the company image all this will help lessen the offer price of Magnus & Co and His company Syle-York & Co  to gain sympathy.

As days passed and near to the D-day it was informed to both the contacts about the date, time and place of Encounter or Murder i.e. 23rd December 2010,9.30-40am,at South End Avenue Car park of the The New York Elite Golf Club.


In the meantime Mr Yorker and Mr Sylvester were working so closely with each other to finalize the Business deal worth 400 Million Dollars, of which 50% of the deal were not on papers which has to be paid in barter(diamonds) and Cash.

The money was arranged and so were the Diamonds which were kept in safe lockers and the papers for the deal was finalized by their secretaries. The business deal was scheduled on 23rd December at 4pm in Hotel HiltonNew York. On the day of the deal Mr Sylvester was supposed to drive Mr Yorker to The New York Elite Golf Club in the morning,to play Golf which was nothing but routine.


As   planned on 23rd December Mr Sylvester drived to Mr Yorkers residence and both started to the designated spot of murder i.e. South End Avenue car park of The New York Elite Golf Club at around 9.25am. Mr Sylvester as decided Paged the Police contact( through fake ID –Phone) that “Mr Yorker of the Famous Syle-York & Co was shot at the South End Avenue car park of The New York Elite Golf Club, respond quickly” the second message followed which stated the identity and the location of the Killer, ”A 5ft 10 inches tall black man with blue jacket and red cap, his maroon colored Passat Car bearing the no 4675 NY”.

As the car park approached Mr Sylvester parked his car in the designated site and requested Mr Yorker to check for his bag and medicine in the Boot of the Car, while Mr Yorker alighted he proceeded to wards the boot of the car and relaxed over the boot of the car while talking to one of his friend on phone when the assailant in waiting for the target shot him Thrice and tried to drive away. Mr Sylvester fired twice to establish his innocence and rushed towards Bleeding Yorker, as he took him in his arms Mr Yorker cried for Help and Muttered “ Sylve,My Friend save me” and he finally collapsed.

As planned Mr Sylvester hear some shots fired upon the Killer. He immediately rushed Mr Yorker to Hospital only to be pronounced dead and than the Autopsy and Funeral service. Mr Sylvester than heard the news that the  Mr Barrett(assailant) was not dead but paralyzed he immediately through his fake ID contacted the Second Police contact who confirmed the same but assured he can completed the rest but for higher price which was readily agreed upon. He even instructed him to complete his assignment at the earliest fearing his exposé.

Mr Barrett had received Four Bullet One over his chest and each of the three to Thoracic spine, right upper limb and left thigh bone. Finally Mr Barrett was silenced permanently by placing a wrong bottle of Blood along with the Nine other right bottle of blood. But the autopsy on Mr Barrett confirmed the Cause of Death as Laceration of Right Pulmonary Artery and Lungs due to Gun shot wound to Chest, thus covering the whole crime.


Mr Sylvestor was so overwhelmed by his conspiracy and its success that he is now left with Millions of dollar in cash and diamonds plus the Affairs of the company Syle-York & Co, and above all his mental peace. In the media their was indeed Sympathy for Mr Sylvester and investigation into Magnus & Co for few months only to confirm it genuinely. But the motive behind was analyzed with political conspiracy,rivalary,..etc leading to nowhere. In the end even the Detectives were bribed to lead the investigation to a dead end with all this success in his hands for Mr Sylvester one thing always haunted him were the last words of Mr Yorker i.e.” Sylve,My Friend ,save me”.


“Sylve,My Friend ,save me” This words haunted him every day, than every hours and minutes as days passed by.Mr Sylvester lost interest in his family and business his guilt dominated in all his affairs, to over come his guilt he tried to believe in new relationship, alcohol and drugs. In the end of the day he was left with only those words repeated loudly in his ears. As moths passed by, his way of life ultimately gifted him with Hypertension,Diabetes and Cancer Colon. He even cried for his death All this reduced his weight by half and ultimately he decided to confess in the church but it was too late as he was shifted to hospital, wherein he scribbled his confession and handed over to his doctor besides called his lawyer and made his will donating all his assets both legal and illegal to the poor and the orphanage.





It was the first site after I came out of the womb which I still remember the love on my Mothers Face and of course the beauty of Jamaica’s Shore. I dreamt of being a Barbie with all the blond hair and Vogue Dresses and shoes, besides getting all the toys and attention making me realize that I was blessed.

As the school days go by, it helped me to understand the needs of the life to survive and make the best of it, I unknowingly had entered into a stage called Teen, and the beauty of it was unable to explain. The warmth of Friendship, music, nightclub and of course the First experience of Love was unforgettable. As the years passed by the dream of Professional Education to be a Doctor was firm, only to be disturbed by Sexual pleasures, Betrayal of Friendship and unknowingly entered into a state wherein only some pills  can make me sleep, slowly I was  detaching from my Soul, my pleasures was not in my hands and so were my decisions, people around me decided what I Want pushing me further to detach from my soul, by this time to the advantage of People around me satisfying their Sexual hunger every step of my Life Trying hard to Separate myself from my Sincere Soul to realize one day that, I was successful only to be Separated from my Parents, near and dear ones, to be happy with the Public. To my Surprise I was blessed by HIV for Satisfying the Hunger of people around me who came to me with their Sweet Talks in the guise of Caretaker, that was the Gift I received from Known and Unknown Lovers. I tried many times to Separate myself from my soul but not courageous but one day ,after being betrayed in the night I was looking for something to munch on the streets when I was forcibly dragged into the Car as Usual in the guise of Feeding me. I cried that I had a know guest in me i.e. HIV, but they did all acts possible to gain pleasure out of me and in the End the Pleasure ended up in my Neck being Strangled because I tried to prevent them from Sharing my Guest –HIV.  I was happy that I had a chance of Leaving my Body.

To my surprise I was feeling light, now I can fly, hear and feel everybody but I cant talk and communicate. But I had appeared in all the News paper next day with many stories, that I was killed, I became famous, even my nude body was published in newspaper. I was packed in a Cloth and taken by a Van to One Funeral Home. There I met many Colleagues in waiting to separate their souls from their Body, some bore Gunshots, some old, reminded my parents, some were the ones who had betrayed me, They begged pardon but I just ignored them. I heard the morticians discussing that I will be taken to Morgue and Postmortem  will be done so as to help me Get justice, which I did not ask for because I was happy That I got what I want that is solace.

As I started counting Days for the Postmortem by happily seeing off my fellow Souls in the Funeral home, promising to meet them some day. The D-day did come I heard the Policemen coming their to Identify me and morticians whispering don’t touch –She is HIV this Pained me only to be Smoothened by the truth of being separated by my  Body .The scene was different from the Days of my ;life where every body wanted to make friends and Love with me from Old person to Beggar on streets made Love with me now none wants to look at me. I was put in a separate body bag and coffin as adviced by some doctors and kept in the van and had a bumby ride for 45 minutes to land one over the other in the Hospital morgue, waiting for my turn, I again heard the men discussing that I should be handled in the end, ,I had one Last dream  on my mind , a beautiful funeral to mark my Detachment of Soul from the Body. ultimately my turn came, I was on the Table stained with blood and feces, Morticians covered all their body so was the doctor I was not able to remember their faces but I was hearing their voices Cursing me, abusing me, reluctant to touch, I was confident the doctor will put  an to all their ignorance but to my surprise he added to the ignorance of Morgue attendants that because of  HIV, He cant touch it, He was searching for a reason I overheard that I will be a source of infection to  him and the attendants. I  saw my Dad and uncle who came to identify me begging in all possible gestures and words not to reject the Autopsy because they had Planned the Funeral in the weekend and I heard him saying that my friends and relatives  from all over the world are expected on that day. I was heard doctor blaming the administration and the infrastructure and explaining in detail about the HIV, they wrapped me back in a body bag  and lifted me reluctantly and threw me in the waiting Van, I tried to rest on few of my colleagues in the van who were in mood of celebration as they had chance to separate from their souls but feeling sympathy for me as I was rejected they tried many way to communicate in vain to the doctor and the morticians knowing very well that that we cant be heard.

Back again to the morgue I was  left in the van waiting for more help as few of the Attendants refused to help me out  of van inside the funeral home until some more from inside the funeral home lifted and threw me inside a cold box, I loosing all hopes decided to rest for the day, As days and months passed by I was waiting to my surprise I saw Two of the Boys responsible for my state one day, they folding their hands begging pardon came to me, I said don’t feel sorry for me, actually I wanted to get rid of my body you helped me, so thank you.  With all emotions and tears in their eyes hugged me, that was the moment I realized how great we feel when we Forgive ,even enemies start trusting us. Every day new colleagues, bidding Farewell for the old colleagues some were lucky to get rid of their bodies others who were poor spent more days with me those were the daily gossip of the Morgue.

Than came a day, I heard the conversation of the morticians discussing how I should be handled on Thursday as Another doctor is likely to handle my Autopsy, I was excited, I started announcing to all my colleagues, they too were happy, they even planned farewell for me, I had a lengthy discussion on the Wednesday night, thanking all my Colleagues, some also promised to meet me later. On Thursday I was first to wake up just waiting for the Refrigeration door to open, every minute I counted seemed to me like an hour,atlast the door was opened, one boy with all his body rapped in cloth pulled me out to be held by another boy and they just dumped me in the waiting van and the Bumby ride reminded me that I was proceeding towards the Morgue. I saw my mother, Dad and few friends all waiting for my body, I was again asked to wait, but to my dismay I overheard the Attendants debating that How again this body had arrived and the doctor had rejected citing lack of protective Gears. I still waited for my turn when I heard the doctor shouting at the police and my dad he cannot handle the case citing health grounds, he even promised to write a letter for the same. I tried to convey to the doctor and the morgue attendants how my colleagues who died due to Gunshots, accidents had HIV but went unnoticed, still they were preferred than me. I also tried to make them understand that the HIV won’t survive in the dead after 20days of death, but I failed to realize that I was unheard. Now the patience of the Morticians in funeral home was just over which I was able to feel by the Way the handled me, I feared breaking some of my bones when they threw me. I was back again with the same smell and silence but for the whispers of my colleagues without knowing what’s in the future. I was confident that one day Angels will lift me from here, but I too dreamt of my Funeral as it reminded me of Princes Diana on TV. Days passed by with silence but for the sounds of the Refrigeration box doors sounds and the cold box noise.

I was just gone lazy getting up late forgetting the days and night, when all of a sudden I heard the morticians are calling my name, I woke up, before I realized what had happened I was just bundled into a Van and sped with few of my colleagues taught they may throw down the mountains but the Bumpy ride reminded I was leading in the Right Direction. I taught now the doctor had got all the Protective gears or realized that HIV virus don’t exist in dead after 20days decided to  beg pardon from me and than help me get out of my body. I arrived safely but I was kept in the van, I was still unable to believe what’s next, but I saw my Dad and uncle and few Friends I was so Excited to see them, I tried speaking to them in vain but I heard their prayers for me and realized how good were their feelings for me. Few hours later I was pulled out and kept on the Morgue cart,suddenly I saw a Flash of Light a new doctor came to me and Touched my body with Love and affection ,I started smiling after many years, he was loud, confident and articulate he called all the attendants and said guys look this body is Pure and sterile all beliefs related to HIV in this case are Myths as the Virus cannot Exist in dead for more than few weeks. He started cutting me through I was realizing how light I was feeling as I started getting separated from my body, he recognized the cause for my death I begged him, to Pardon them and ignore, but his professionalism was of high esteem, he photographed me and as the final moment of departure from my loving body I saw the Face of the Doctor which Reminded me the Face of my Mother on the Day I was born.

I now saw a bright light with four of prettiest angels at my side lifting me towards the sky


The above story is in its Original form as Whispered by the soul in my Ears. if any resemblance to any person leaving or dead should be considered as mere coincidence.