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 As a Foresnsic Pathologist I always consider to be Fortunate because this was  the first Choice in my career. The Challenges faced in each case is by itself an opportunity to apply the Skills and Experiences to aid in the delivery of justice. With over Twelve Thousand  Autopsies (12000)been conducted directly and another Six thousand (6000) Autopsies supervised. I have conducted Autopsies on Various Citizens belonging to countries like USA,Canada,England,Scotland,Italy,Germany,Argentina,India,Carrebians to their satisfaction.

I worked with various Job responsibilities ,as Tutor,Assistant Lecturer,Assitant Professor,Associate Professor,Senior Resident(JIPMER).

I completed my Graduation and Postgraduate DIploma Forensic Medicine from Mysore Medical College . I completed my Master(MD) in Forensic Medicine, from Pune University(Pravara Medical Trust) and Diplomate Forensic Medicine(NBE., NewDelhi). I was Fortunate to undergo Fellowship Training in Forensic Pathology under the guidance of Professor Antony Busutill, Edinburgh Medical School,Scotland., UK. I worked with various foreign Agencies Like the Crime Investigation Bureau,Bureau of Special Investigations,Independent Commission of Enquiry,Major Investigation Task Force,Scottish Polce,Human Rights Group,British Police,FBI officers,American Forensic Scientist. All this experiences,Skills and Knowledge has emboldend me to mark Globally in the field of Forensic Death investigation and Forensic Pathology.I workd as Director and Chief Forensic Pathologist,Legal Medicine Unit,Kingston., Jamaica. I Welcome the Challenges encountered in the Forensic Cases and look forward for the same. I always consider Forensic Pathology is a subject of Practical Experience. The secrets of Disease or Crime is always hidden in the Silent soul -The Dead Body. I am currently based in India.

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Email:  drraoforensic@yahoo.com

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